Student Ministry

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Student Ministry page!

Thank you for visiting our Student Ministry page!  We strive to engage, equip, and entrust our students as they become disciples of Jesus.  All of our programs are designed to train our students up in the way they should go, as they grow into young men and women. While we focus on discipleship, we have a lot of fun along the way! Come join us! 

6th - 12th Grade

Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes meet every Sunday morning at 11:00 am upstairs in our youth area.  We process and go deeper with application and insights from the message preached in church.  Together the students hear from Pastor Matt or the week's speaker and then come to the youth room as a whole.  We then gather for prayer as a whole and pray for those in our group and in our community. 


The classes for the remainder of the time are divided by gender and age (boys/girls, middle school/high school).  We do this so they can be in an environment that best suits them and promotes good discussions.  This time is primarily a short Bible study or study on pressing life issues.  It also fosters relationships with the students and with their leaders.  We would love for you to come by and meet those who are teaching your students!


Youth Wednesdays

Our Wednesday services are designed to be a welcoming and fun atmosphere in which students are encouraged to bring friends and enjoy fellowship!  Each Wednesday night at 5:30 pm we will meet for a meal together.  During the fall and winter, we will join the rest of our church family in the gym for dinner to kick-off our MidWeek activities.  After eating together we will spend some time in the youth room hearing the preaching of God's Word.  This will be done through book studies that focus on issues students are facing.  After this, we will head down to the gym for times of fellowship through games and skits. 


Small Groups

Our small groups are designed for deep discipleship and spiritual growth.  Small groups focus on the individual and diving deeper into God’s Word, prayer, and discipleship.  Our small groups meet throughout the week.  You can contact Daniel to find out when these are happening! 


Leadership Team

Our leadership team is designed to give students opportunity to serve and lead!  Students can join the leadership team by filling out an application and turning it in to pastor Daniel.  Once on the team, students learn biblical examples of leadership, take on roles in the church, help vision cast and assist in the vision and day-to-day tasks of the youth ministry.  This is a mentoring relationship and valuable for the future leadership in the church and beyond. 


Events Waiver

We have one form for all of our yearly events. Take a look and fill out one for each student. Please return signed forms to Daniel Bates or the Church Office. 


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